Bring your artworks, each labeled with price, initials, and inventory # to RADinc Weds June 28 or Thurs June 29 11-6.

Sign liability waiver at delivery. Email your preferred name and descriptions and images for promotion.

Shop will be open Thurs - Sun June 29-July 2. Hours TBD.  You don't have to be there. You keep 75%.

DELIVERY: Bring your retail items to RADinc., 123 E Washington Street, on Wednesday, June 28 from 11-6 or Thursday June 29 from 11-6.  If you would like to schedule a time with us, that would be wonderful, please email Kelly to do so. If you cannot make these times, please email Kelly  ASAP to schedule an alternate time. All goods must be received by 11am Friday June 30. Plan to spend about 10-15 minutes familiarizing us with your wares and double checking the inventory system. Bring any promotional materials you want, we will have them on display as well as try to tuck them into the bags when customers purchase your items. 

PRICING & INVENTORY: All work should be labeled with your RETAIL price, initials, and an inventory number. Please keep your own record of the items you are delivering, we will be recording them as well, then marking them off when sold.  If you have a comparable inventory system, or a clearly branded tag, we can work with that. The goal is for each artist to have a unique inventory number for record keeping purposes.

We know we are offering a VERY LOW consignment rate - PLEASE DO NOT lower your normal prices! This rate is being offered for YOUR benefit, not the customer's. If your prices seem noticeably lower than comparable items, let's discuss it, and make sure you are charging a competitive price. If your prices seem high, please let us know about your expenses and your labor/process so we can pass that information on to the customers when they ask. We are happy to provide resources for how to price artwork/handmade goods.  We aren't going to change what you've written on your labels, but want to serve as a resource for you and the arts community as a whole.

QUANTITY: Bring what you feel would "fill" a 6' standard width table. Since everyone is working in different mediums, this may vary widely. Consider the retail value of the items as a whole, especially if they are smaller items, and limit that to say, $2000 or under.  Work not on display will be stored for you so that we can restock it. When the shop is not open, your items will be stored together, and made accessible for you. 

DISPLAY:  RADinc is responsible for the display and merchandising of the work. If you have your own display fixtures, you are welcome to loan them to RADinc for use. Our goal of inclusivity will prevent us from using any branded displays, or special displays for specific artists. We want the work to mix and mingle and be perceived as a whole by the customers, a "level playing field" so to speak, to help all the artists compete and grow.  If your work requires special handling, please bring that to our attention. If you have any promotional materials, business cards, etc. we will have an area to display them, so please provide. 


CONSIGNMENT:  RADinc's retail model is an Art Gallery, so you do not have to fill out any tax forms for us. Works are sold on consignment, and returned to the artist after the sale. Customers will pay the marked retail price for items, plus applicable sales tax. RADinc will keep a % of the sales, the remainder goes to the artist in a lump sum when the event is concluded, plus 5 business days for all payments to clear.  For this event, a soft opening of sorts, RADinc will be taking 25% of sales, with 75% going to the artist. After the sale, you will be paid by check for your portion. Future sales at RADinc will be subject to different terms. We hope that the experience goes well for all parties and that we will keep doing business together. This popup shop is conceived and managed by Kelly Kinser, proprietor of GrandMarie Jewelry. She will be responsible for processing the transactions and paying the artists for this go around. 

LIABILITY: You will be required to sign a standard liability contract in order to have your work on sale at RADinc. You are not required to be present during the open hours of the shop, but are most welcome to join in, as well as promote and invite your customers to visit the shop. 


Please provide your preferred nomenclature and description for promotional text. Please also provide images of your works for sale and your process in creating them. We want to get the public excited for the event, give them a clear picture of what is in store, and help stay true to your personal brands. 

We strongly encourage you to promote the shop via your own outlets. Tag your work in images others have posted, as well as checking in to the space on posts. One of our goals is to build a community of artists and to engage with the public, so the more cross promotion we have, the more we can amplify all your voices and widen the audience.

We will be promoting this popup shop primarily on social media due to the short term nature of the "popup" itself. The experience from this iteration of the shop will be used in promotion for future events at RADinc, and images of the shop containing your works on display may be used in future publications and on social media. By participating, you agree to this. We promise to diligently credit artists whenever and however possible.