Kilimanjaro Ring

Wonderfully hand crafted ring of Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold with a touch of 22K Gold foil. Entirely hand fabricated (no casting) and hand engraved (no power tools). ~ The Web of Athena engraved upon the band and the seven legs represent the 7 paths up Kilimanjaro. The claws of a Panther, horns of an Antelope and the sacred Beetles of ancient Egypt are all represented. ~ An aspirational Heirloom, featuring a Nigerian Tourmaline fashioned by Jean-Noel Soni of Top Notch Faceting 


This ring was commissioned as a holiday gift to a beloved woman. Asked for was a cocktail ring in green and gold, with a custom gem from Top Notch Faceting as the focal piece. The canopy green tourmaline, from Nigeria, informed the design decisions. This collector dreams of traveling to Africa and one day climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The gemstone being native to Africa, also longs to return. African motifs adorn the ring, translated subtly into an esoteric reminder of the wearer's aspirations. 

This item was a special commission. To purchase a similar item, please use the links below.

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