Artist at work

Artist at work

Whether for yourself or your beloved, GrandMarie will pull from the depths of your heart, the ends of the earth, and all corners of time to manifest a physical expression of your dreams. 

Iris Pendant, by GrandMarie

Iris Pendant, by GrandMarie

About: Artist

Kelly Marie is the artist behind GrandMarie jewelry. Trained in fine arts as well as professional bench jewelry, she does it all. 


About: Process

GrandMarie expands the possibilities of fine jewelry. We specialize in one of a kind handmade objects. When a connection is established between the artist and the client, this intimacy transforms the process into a kind of portraiture.

A majority of the jewels depicted have been commissioned from the artist and reflect the tastes and desires of the client. We don't have a specific aesthetic that binds our work into a cohesive body, but rather seek to enhance the body that will bring the jewelry to life.

There are no limitations to creating a jewel. Gold, platinum, silver, copper, brass, steel, tin, clay, paper, leaves, insects, shells, silk, glass, gemstones, diamonds, and fossils have all been incorporated into artworks. 


About: Acquisition

When jewels are available for purchase, it will be noted on the website, and you can buy them directly from us.  If there is something you wish to acquire that isn't listed as "for sale", the best method is to commission it using the contact page of this website.

Please contact GrandMarie to commission a work. Before you reach out to us, note the variety of work shown and know that your piece will begin with your investment in the process. Serious inquiries only. We will not duplicate any design, of our own, or another artist, but will interpret the elements that attract you into a unique piece.